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        走遍美國 EPISODE 1-1 46 Linden Street



        2005-8-25 21:51

        走遍美國 EPISODE 1-1 46 Linden Street


        Act1. Richard: Excuse me.My name is Richard Stewart. I'm a photographer.May I take a picture of your little boy?

        Mrs.Vann: What's it for? Richard: It's for a book.

        Mrs.Vann: You're writing a book?

        Richard: It's a book of pictures. I call it Family Album,U.S.A.

        Mrs.Vann: Oh, that's a nice idea.Well,it's fine if you take our picture. I'm Martha Vann.

        Richard: Thank you. I appreciate your help. I'm Richard.What's your name?

        Gerald: Gerald. Richard: How old are you,Gerald? Gerald: Five. Richard: And where do you live?

        Mrs.Vann: We live in California. Richard: Well, welcome to New York.OK, just a second. I'm almost ready here.

        Alexandra: Can I help you?

        Richard: Oh, please.Hold Gerald's hand, please.Great! Now point to the buildings.Terrific! Give Mommy a kiss, Gerald. Nice! Thank you, Gerald. And thank you,Mrs Vann.

        Mrs.Vann: Oh, my pleasure.We'll be looking for your book.

        Richard: Thank you. Good-bye. Bye, Gerald.Thanks again.

        Alexandra: Oh, you're welcome.

        Richard: Hey, let me take your picture!

        Alexandra: Wonderful.Please.

        Richard: Are you from New York?

        Alexandra: No, I'm from Greece. I'm an exchange student.

        Richard: When did you come here? Alexandra: Three months ago. Richard: Your English is very good.

        Alexandra: Thanks. I studied English in school.

        Richard: Would you like some coffee?

        Alexandra: No, thank you. Tell me about your book.

        Richard: Oh, it's not finished yet, but I have some of the pictures. Would you like to see them?

        Alexandra: Yes, I'd like that. Richard: Here they are. Family Album, U.S.A. It's an album of pictures of the United States:the cities, the special places, and the people. And these are pictures of people working:steelworkers, bankers, police, street vendors, ambulance drivers, doctors...Oh, this is my father. He's a doctor. This is my mother.

        Alexandra: What's her name? Richard: Ellen. My younger brother, Robbie. He goes to high school. This is my sister Susan. She works for a toy company.Here's my grandfather. He lives in Florida. And this is my wife Marilyn.

        Alexandra: Oh, she's very pretty. Richard: Thanks.And what about your family?

        Alexandra: They're in Thessaloniki. That's a large city in northern Greece. But now I'm living in the Bronx.

        Richard: With a Greek-American family?

        Alexandra: No. Hispanic.

        Richard: Oh no! It's five thirty.Will you excuse me? I have to meet my wife.

        Alexandra: It was nice meeting you.

        Richard: It was a pleasure meeting you, too.Thanks for your help.And good luck! I've got to go. By the way. I'm Richard. What's your name?

        Alexandra: Alexandra. Richard: Bye-bye, Alexandra.Thanks.

        Alexandra: Bye-bye. Richard! Richard! You left your bag.