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    走遍美國 EPISODE 2-1 The Blind Date



    2005-8-25 22:13

    走遍美國 EPISODE 2-1 The Blind Date


    Harry: Excue me. Can you help me?
    Vendor: Sure, what do you want?
    Harry: Where is 83 Wooster Street?
    Vendor: That's easy. Walk to the corner. Then make a left turn. Then walk two blocks to the traffic light.Make another left to Wooster.
    Harry: Thank you. To the comer and then a left?
    Vendor: Yeah. A left. Hot dog? Only seventy-five cents.
    Harry: No. Thank you. I have a dinner date.
    Harry: 555-9470...and it's busy....Try again. 555-9470...and it's still busy. Excuse me ,ma'am.I'm looking for 83 Wooster Street.
    Woman: Yes. Wooster Street is two blocks, and 83 is to the right about two houses.
    Harry: Thank you, thank you!
    Woman: You're welcome.
    Susan: Who is it?
    Harry: Harry Bennett. Is this Susan?
    Susan: Yes, it is. Come up. I'm on the top floor.
    Harry: Nice to meet you, Susan. Sorry I'm late. The traffic. The parking. I was lost.
    Susan: What pretty flowers! Thank you. Oh, please come in. Don't worry about being late. It's fine. Excuse the mess. I just moved here. Oh, I'd like you to meet my sister-in- law Marilyn. Marilyn Stewart, this is Harry Bennett.
    Harry: Pleased to meet you.
    Marilyn: Nice to meet you, Harry.
    Harry: Are we too late for our dinner reservation?
    Susan: No,the restaurant will hold our table. I know the owner very well. I eat there a lot.
    Harry: Do you know the phone number of the restaurant? I'd like to call home and leave the number with the baby-sitter.
    Susan: Sure. The number is... five five five... seventeen twenty.
    Harry: May I use the Phone? Five five five...one seven two oh, Hello? Hi, Michelle. It's Daddy. Can I speak to Betty? I want to leave the phone number of the restaurant.... Hi, Betty. I'll be at five five five...seventeen twenty. OK. Thanks. See you later. Well, that's done. Shall we go ?
    Susan: I'm ready. See you later, Marilyn.
    Marilyn: Have a nice evening.
    Harry: Bye, Marilyn. Hope to see you again.
    Marilyn: Me, too. Have fun!
    Susan: Thanks.
    Harry: After you.