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        走遍美國 Episode 18-2 Making Difference



        2005-8-26 16:37

        走遍美國 Episode 18-2 Making Difference


        Grandpa: Here are the fliers, hot of the press!
        Ellen: Looks good. Simple.
        Marilyn: Right over there, Grandpa. You fold the fliers, Richard and I will put them into the envelopes.
        Richard: We finished addressing over three hundred envelopes.
        Grandpa: Need another box?
        Ellen: Good work, gang.
        Mike: Hi, this is Mike Johnson. Can I speak with Mr. Or Mrs.Anderson? Thanks.
        Robbie: Mr.Nelson. Hi. This is Robbie Stewart. Did you know my mother is running for the school board?
        Jimmy: Yes, Miss Kim, Ellen Stewart. "She cares." Oh, see you at the polls.
        Robbie: Certainly, I'll give her your best wishes, Mr.Nelson.
        Mike: Hi, this is Mike Johnson. Can I speak with Mr. or Mrs.Burns? Thank you.
        Ellen: We have done so much in such a short amount of time. I can't believe it! Wait till Philip come and sees our progress!
        Robbie: Everyone saw story in the Riverdale newspaper.
        Ellen: Mr. Maxwell was very kind to print my announcement.
        Grandpa: It helps enormously. Everybody in riverdale reads his paper.
        Richard: Your photo in it helped, too.
        Ellen: Thanks to you, Richard, it's a good picture.
        Philip: Well, hi, all.
        Richard&Robbie: Hi, Dad.
        Ellen: Hello, darling.
        Philip: May I...may I help?
        Marilyn: Licking envelopes.
        Grandpa: I fold the fliers.
        Richard: We stuff them.
        Philip: And I lick the envelopes.
        Robbie: Hey, everybody, Mrs.Greenberg is on the phone. She says Carter Boswell is on the TV right now-doing a commercial.
        Philip: What channel?
        Robbie: Five.
        Philip: Five?
        Boswell: ...and if you ask what I care about, I'll tell you. I care about the school buildings in need of paint. I care about more lockers for the teachers. I care about new fixtures in the hallways-not music or dancing or entertainment. I care about the practical things. If you do, vote for me, Carter Boswell.
        Ellen: A lot of people will agree with him.
        Philip: I told you.
        Robbie: Too bad kids can't vote. It's our school, but we can't vote.
        Richard: There are people in favor of the cultural programs, Mom.
        Marilyn: There are all, Ellen. Don't be upset by Boswell's commercial.
        Philip: You have to go on television, too.
        Ellen: Boswell's a powerful speaker.
        Philip: You can be, too. Your ideas are good ones.
        Ellen: I don't know. I'm not sure I'm up to it.