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    走遍美國 Episode 24-2 Parting Friends



    2005-8-26 16:15

    走遍美國 Episode 24-2 Parting Friends


    Alexandra: You ready for the next problem?
    Robbie: You know what? I can't look at another number. How about a lemonade break?
    Alexandra: Sure.
    Robbie: Oh, by he way, when is your plane reservation for your flight to Athens?
    Alexandra: Sunday. Why?
    Robbie: Would you be able to come over Saturday night?
    Alexandra: Yes. I should be finished packing by then.
    Robbie: My folks are giving me a little graduation party.
    Alexandra: Terrific!
    Robbie: I'll pick you up.
    Alexandra: That isn't necessary.
    Robbie: My dad's letting me borow the car.
    Alexandra: Oh, well, that would be very nice.
    Robbie: About eight 0'clock?
    Alexandra: Eight 0'clock is fine.
    Robbie: Great! It's a date.
    Alexandra: Who's going to be there?
    Robbie: Just my friend Mike and a few kids from school.
    Alexandra: I'm going to miss all of you. You've been like a second family to me.
    Robbie: We're going to miss you.
    Alexandra: Maybe you could come to visit me in Greece?
    Robbie: I'm counting on it.
    Alexandra: Wonderful! Are you excited about graduating from high school?
    Robbie: Sure...and a little scared.
    Alexandra: Scared? Why?
    Robbie: Aren't you a little scared?
    Alexandra: I was when I first came to the United States. I'd never been away from home, and I didn't know what it would be like. But then I found out that people are the same everywhere once you get to know them.
    Robbie: I'm glad I got to know you.
    Alexandra: Thatnk you. I'm glad I got to know You-and your family.
    Robbie: Wouldn't it be nice if we could skip the examinations and get right to the graduation party?
    Alexandra: It would be very nice. But that isn't the way it works. So...back to work.
    Alexandra: Good night, Robbie. Good night, Mrs.Stewart. Thank you for dinner.
    Ellen: Good night, Alexandra.Will you be all right?
    Alexandra: Yes.The Molinas are waiting for me.
    Robbie: Good night, Alexandra. I'll pick you up on Saturday night, OK?
    Alexandra: Yes. Eight 0'clock.
    Alexandra: I have to run.
    Allen: Good night, Robbie. She's really a good friend, isn't she?
    Robbie: Yeah.
    Ellen: You are going to miss her.
    Robbie: Am I going to miss her?
    Ellen: That's what I said! You are going to miss her!
    Robbie: I'm going to miss her, and my math teacher's going to miss her.
    Ellen: Well, you can write to her.
    Robbie: It's not the same.
    Mike: How does that look, Rob?
    Robbie: Great! Pass me the hammer.
    Mike: You got it!
    Sandra: You're sure Alexandra's going to be surprised?
    Robbie: Absolutely. She has no idea that the party is in her honor.
    Mike: Millie, did you bring the papes for dancing?
    Millie: They're in my bag.
    Mike: What did you bring?
    Millie: Some rock 'n' roll.
    Robbie: Perfect! Alexandra will love it! I can't wait to see her face when she walks in here tonight.
    Mike: What about the cake?
    Robbie: My mom's decorating it right now.
    Ellen: Robbie, there's a phone call for you. It's Alexandra. She sounds upset.
    Robbie: OK. Thanks, Mom. I'll take it in there. Hi, Alexandra. What? You what? Oh no!