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        走遍美國 Episode 25-1 Country Music



        2005-8-26 16:19

        走遍美國 Episode 25-1 Country Music


        Richard: Hot dogs. I love hot dogs. There is nothing better than a hot dog in the country.
        Ellen: Hot dogs and mustard.
        Richard: Cooked outdoors over an open fire. I wish I had one now.
        Ellen: Do you remember when Daddy and I used to take you and Susan and Robbie to Jones Beach?
        Richard: Oh, I sure do.
        Ellen: We'd wait until dark and make a fire, and we'd cook the hot dogs. Oh, don't forget the mustard. And, oh, does anybody want ketchup?
        Richard: I might as well take it along. And now to make sure we've got the hamburger patties. I have to remember to put them in the bag tomorrow morning before we leave.
        Ellen: I'll remind you, Richard.
        Richard: Mom, we really appreciate your taking care of Max for the weekend and giving up your free time.
        Ellen: I love doing it. Susan and Harry have a sitter for Michelle in the city, and I'm taking care of Max. It's no big deal. I am happy to do it for you.
        Richard: I guess Max is asleep by now. He's not crying anymore.
        Ellen: Oh, poor baby. He's teething.
        Marilyn: Well, he's asleep-finally. I feel so bad for him. It hurts so much when a baby gets his first teeth.
        Ellen: He'll be fine, Marilyn.
        Richard: Well, he wakes up several times during the night, and the pain is so bad.
        Marilyn: I'm really concerned about going away for the weekend, Ellen, and leaving you with the full responsibility of taking care of Max. Especially with his teething. I wish he felt better.
        Ellen: Please don't worry, Marilyn. Remember your father-in-law's a pediatrician. We have a live-in doctor if there's a problem I can't handle.
        Richard: I agree, Marilyn. We really don't have to be overly concerned.
        Richard: I'll go upstairs and stay with him until he falls asleep again.
        Marilyn: Thanks, Richard. Try putting him across your lap on his stomach. He likes that.
        Richard: I"ll try it.
        Ellen: When are Susan and Harry Picking you up, Marilyn?
        Marilyn: They're coming by at six tomorrow morning, so we can get an early start.
        Ellen: That's nice. And you'll have a full day in the country.
        Marilyn: And a full night. Tomorrow night we'll be camping out in tents.
        Ellen: And coming home on Sunday?
        Marilyn: We'll be heading back late in the afternoon.
        Ellen: You're going to have the time of your lives. Camping out is such great fun.
        Marilyn: We'll have a great time camping out, I'm sure. But I'm still a little worried about you, Ellen.
        Ellen: It will be my great pleasure, Marilyn. Remember, it's only one night.
        Richard: He's asleep. I think he'll sleep through the night now.
        Marilyn: Thanks, honey. I hope he's good when we're away.
        Richard: Well, so do I. Now, to check the list of things we need for the camping trip. We need to bring a flashlight.
        Ellen: It's in the right-hand drawer, next to the bottle openers.
        Richard: Do we have a bottle opener on the list, Marilyn?
        Marilyn: No.No bottle opener. Is that one of the things Susan and Harry are bringing?
        Richard: No. And we're bring the ketchup, mustard, relish-all that stuff. And cooking utensils. Well, here's the bottle poener, and here's the flashlight.
        Ellen: Matches.
        Marilyn: Matches?
        Richard: Yes, of course. For when we build our campfire. I can't build a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together.
        Marilyn: And don't forget your camera and film, Richard.
        Richard: All packed and ready.
        Marilyn: And let's not forget our cassette player and some tapes. Some music tapes and some blank tapes so that we can record our thoughts about the trip.
        Ellen: Oh, that's a nice idea. An audio diary.
        Marilyn: That's what I thought.
        Richard: Got it! The cassette player and the tapes.