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        走遍美國 Episode 25-2 Country Music



        2005-8-26 16:21

        走遍美國 Episode 25-2 Country Music


        Susan: Oh, I love it! To be away from the city on such a beautiful day is my idea of heaven! The grass. The trees. The fresh air.
        Harry: I told you you'd like it. I've been doing this for years.
        Richard: You have the spirit of a teenager, Susan. Wait till you see yourself jumping around.
        Marilyn: That's what I love about Susan. She works hard. She plays hard. She's a real Stewart.
        Harry: Come on, Richard. Help me get this stuff out of the car.
        Richard: Where does it go?
        Harry: Well, we'll put everything over there. We'll set up our tents over there by the edge of the woods. Then we'll be able to make our fire there where it's safe.
        Richard: Oh, there's our table and benches. All set for eating.
        Harry: That's what makes this spot so good.
        Marilyn: Is anybody hungry?
        Susan: I am.
        Harry: We just got here.
        Susan: When you're out in the fresh air like this, it makes you hungry. Aren't you hungry, Marilyn?
        Marilyn: I sure am. How about you, Richard?
        Richard: Starving.
        Harry: You guys are like three kids.
        Richard: Aren't you hungry, Harry?
        Harry: Well, yeah. Now that you mention it, I guess I am. I mean, how could a guy not be hungry with all this talk about eating?
        Marilyn: Where's the bag with the chicken salad sandwiches?
        Harry: Right here, next to the ice packs. Here. Put the tablecloth on the picnic table, and I will bring the cola and the plastic cups.
        Harry: Well, how do you like it so far?
        Richard: I've never been more relaxed.
        Marilyn: Me, Neither.
        Susan: I wish we had brought Michelle, Harry. She would have loved it.
        Marilyn: Oh, You're right. I wish we had brought Max.
        Richard: Marilyn, Susan, let's not begin to worry about Michelle and Max. We're having a good time, and they're in good hands.
        Harry: Richard is right. Are you having a good time, Susan? You haven't answered my question.
        Susan: I am having a good time, Harry. I promise not to think about the city. We're in the country. Let's all just enjoy this wonderful place and this wonderful weather.
        Harry: Good.
        Susan: This is heaven, Harry! It was such a great idea to spend the weekend this way.
        Harry: Thanks, Susan. I thought you'd all like it.
        Susan: Like it? I love it! Listen to the sounds of the summer that surround us. It's so calming.
        Harry: I've always liked camping out. Away from the telephones and account books. It's refreshing for me. I always go back to the city in a wonderful state of mind.
        Susan: We've only been here for a day, and I've completely forgotten about all my business problems. The office seems so far away.
        Harry: I'm glad you like it, Susan. We'll spend many more weekends like this.
        Susan: And next time we'll bring Michelle, I wish she were here with us to enjoy the country.
        Harry: And next time we'll bring Michelle.
        Marilyn: Just listen to the sound. It's so soothing.
        Richard: I can hardly keep my eyes open. If only we could bottle the fresh air.
        Marilyn: Wouldn't it be wonderful?
        Richard: We could call it "Deep Sleep Country Air."
        Marilyn: It puts you to sleep. So does the sound. I've bee having a hard time keeping my eyes open just listening to it. It's like a special music.
        Richard: Too bad we can't bottle the sound.
        Marilyn: But we can!
        Richard: Can what?
        Marilyn: Bottle the sound.
        Richard: What are you talking about?
        Richard: Oh, yeah? Great idea! Let's do it!