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        走遍美國 Episode 26-2 Opening Night



        2005-8-26 16:26

        走遍美國 Episode 26-2 Opening Night


        Marilyn: Do you like the dress?
        Richard: I love it.
        Marilyn: I designed it myself.
        Richard: It's beautiful.
        Marilyn: Are you ready? We're supposed to be there before the guests arrive.
        Richard: I know. I know. Help me with this tie, will you? Honey, I'm scared to death.
        Marilyn: But this is what you've been working for all these years.
        Richard: No, no. I worked to put together a book of photographs. This is show business.
        Marilyn: Well, it's all part of the same job. Just relax and enjoy it.
        Richard: You're right. I earned this, and I'm going to enjoy it. As soon as I recover from my nervous breakdown.
        Marilyn: What are you afraid of?
        Richard: Everything. A critic was there this morning. He probably hates my work. I have to sign copies of my book for a lot of people I never met before. My new shoes hurt my feet...
        Marilyn: You're going to be a great success. Are you ready?
        Richard: As soon as I get these cuff links on.
        Marilyn: Let me help. Mom and Dad are already on their way down to the gallery.
        Marilyn: There! You look very attractive.
        Richard: Thank you. Well, I suppose I'v run out of excuses.
        Marilyn: Mm-hmm. Let's go...
        Richard: Oh, one minute. Before we go to the gallery, I just want to tell you that I never could have done this book without your help and your love. I appreciate it.
        Marilyn: Thanks. Now, no more stalling.
        Marilyn: What is it?
        Richard: There's nobody here!
        Marilyn: Of course not, Richard. Your show doesn't begin until eight thirty.
        Richard: Oh. Right.
        Carlson: Richard! Welcome! Good luck tonight!
        Richard: Well, thanks. This is my publisher. Harvey Carlson. You've met my wife Marilyn...
        Carlson: Charmed.
        Marilyn: Hi.
        Richard: My mother, Ellen Stewart. Harvey Carlson.
        Carlson: It's good to meet you.
        Ellen: It's nice to meet you.
        Richard: This is my father, Dr.Philip Stewart...
        Philip: Nice to meet you, Mr. Carlson.
        Richard: My brother Robbie...
        Robbie: Hi.
        Carlson: Hi.
        Richard: And this is my sister Susan and her husband Harry Bennett and his daughter Michelle.
        Carlson: It's nice to meet you.
        Richard: And this gentleman is my grandfather, Malcolm Stewart.
        Carlson: Welcome, Mr.Stewart. Well, make yourselves comfortable. There are hors d'oeuvres at the table, fruit punch at the bar. Help yourselves. Can I get you something, Mr.Setwart?
        Grandpa: No, thank you.
        Carlson: You can feel very proud of your grandson, Mr.Stewart.
        Grandpa: I do. I'm proud of all my grandchildren, Mr.Carlson.
        Carlson: Of course. Feel free to look around. If you need anything, just ask.
        Grandpa: Thank you.
        Richard: Harvey?
        Carlson: Yes?
        Richard: Did Mitchell Johnson's review come out yet?
        Carlson: Not yet. The newpapers don't come out till about ten 0'clock. When they come out, we'll get it.
        Richard: Thanks.
        Carlson: Ready?
        Richard: Yes. Have the people arrived?
        Carlson: The guests are waiting. Tom's about to open the doors. Good luck! And stop worrying! They're going to love it.