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    走遍美國 Episode 26-3 Opening Night



    2005-8-26 16:27

    走遍美國 Episode 26-3 Opening Night


    Richard: What's this?
    Carlson: Read it.
    Richard: I can't. Would you read it, Marilyn?
    Marilyn: "Richard Stewart's show at the Carlson Gallery is a collection of photographs from his new book entitled Family Album, U.S.A. There is power and beauty in. Mr. Stewart's work, and his book introduces us to a remarkable new talent." Oh, Richard, it's wonderful!
    Carlson: Congratulations!
    Richard: Wow! I'm overwhelmed.
    Carlson: Ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention for a moment, please? I hope you're all enjoying the exhibition. I know that I am. And I would like to introduce the young man who spent the last five years taking these remarkable pictures and writing the background for Family. Album, U.S.A-Mr Richard Stewart.
    Richard: Hello. I want to thank all of you for coming here tonight. I'd like to thank Harvey Carlson for his faith in my project. But most of all, I would like to thank my family for their love and support all through this adventure. Thank you.
    Richard: Oh, I'm glad this's over.
    Tom: Would you mind?
    Richard: Oh, not at all.
    Tom: Thanks.
    Richard: Our pleasure. Hope it wins a Pulitzer Prize.
    Tom: I'll settle for an "A" in my photography course.
    Carlson: Ah, Richard, Marilyn, I want you to meet John O'Neill.
    Richard: Oh,how do you do ?
    Marilyn: Nice to meet you.
    O'Neill: I've been looking forward to meeting your husband, Mrs. Stewart. I'm really impressed by your show.
    Richard: Thank you.
    O'Neill: In fact, I'd like your autograph.
    Richard: Oh, well, really...
    O'Neill: On a contract.
    Richard: What's this about, Harvey?
    Carlson: Mr. O'Neill is the publisher of several magazines.
    Marilyn: Of course. I've seen you on television.
    Carlson: Mr. O'Neill was so impressed with your work that he wants to develop it into a magazine concept.
    Richard: Well, that sounds very exciting, but where would I fit into the plan?
    O'Neill: I'd like you to be the photo editor of the magazine.
    Marilyn: Oh, Richard, how exciting!
    Carlson: It's a wonderful opportunity, Richard.
    Richard: Hold on. Wait a minute, please.
    Carlson: What's the problem, Richard?
    Richard: The problem is that I'm a photographer, not an editor. I like what I do. In fact, I love what I do...which is going out with a camera and a roll of film and seeing the wonder of humanity. Now, I appreciate your offer, but I've worked so hard on Family Album, U.S.A. and I'm giving some thought to a new book on a different subject. I'm flattered, but I enjoy taking pictures, and I want to continue doing that. Thank you, but I'm happy being a photographer.
    O'Neill: I understand, Richard.
    Carlson: Richard, I know your next book will be a success. Congratulations!
    Richard: Thanks.
    Marilyn: You're a real Stewart!
    Richard: Thanks.