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    名人故事(音頻):亞歷山大大帝 Alexander Ⅲ of Macedon



    2016-3-31 09:11

    名人故事(音頻):亞歷山大大帝 Alexander Ⅲ of Macedon


    Alexander Ⅲ of Macedon

    One day King Philip ( King of Macedon ) bought a fine horse called Bucephalus. He was a noble animal, and the king paid a very high price for him. But he was wild and savage, and no man could mount him, or do anything at all with him.
    一天,國王菲利普(馬其頓國王)買來一匹好馬, 叫比塞弗勒斯。這是一匹良種馬,國王是出了很高價格買來的。但是它既野又兇,誰都駕馭不了它。誰也對它 沒辦法。

    They tried to whip him, but that only made him worse. At last the king bade his servant to take him away.
    他們用鞭子抽它,但那只能使它更野更兇。最后, 國王吩咐仆人把它牽走。

    “It is a pity to ruin so fine a horse as that,“said Alexander, the king’s young son. “Those men do not know how to treat him.“
    “把這么一匹好馬毀了,真可惜,“國王的小兒子亞 歷山大說。“那些人不懂得怎么對待它。“
    “Perhaps you can do better than they,“ said his father scornfully.
    “I know,“ said Alexander, “that, if you would only give me leave to try, I could manage this horse better than any one else.“
    “我懂得.“亞歷山大說,“只要您同意讓我試試, 我就可以把這匹馬馴得比任何人馴得都好。“
    “And if you fail to do so, what then?“ asked Philip.
    “可是假如你做不到這一點,那又該怎么辦? “菲 利普問道。
    “I will pay you the price of the horse.“ said the lad.
    While everybody was laughing, Alexander ran up to Bucephalus, and turned his head towards the sun, for he had noticed that the horse was afraid of his own shadow.
    大家正笑著的時候,亞歷山大就跑向比塞弗勒斯, 把它的頭對著太陽。他已經注意到,這匹馬害怕自己的影子。
    He then spoke gently to the horse, and patted him with his hand. When he had quieted him a little, he made a quick spring, and leaped upon the horse’s back.
    接著他溫和地對馬說起話來,用手撫摸著它。他使 它稍微安靜下來以后,就飛快地一躍,跳上了馬背。

    Everybody expected to see the boy killed outright. But he kept his place, and let the horse run as fast as he could. By and by when Brucephalus had become tired, Alexander reined him in and rode back to the place where his father was standing.
    大家都以為這個男孩會當場被摔死。但是他穩坐在 馬背上,讓這匹馬盡情地飛跑。不久,比塞弗勒斯跑累 了,亞歷山大就騎著它,回到他父親的地方。
    All the men who were there shouted when they saw that the boy had proved himself to be the master of the horse.
    在場的人們看到這個男孩確實夠資格成為這匹馬的 主人,都歡呼起來。
    He leaped to the ground, and his father ran and kissed him.

    “My son,“ said the king, “Macedon is too small a place for you. You must seek a larger kingdom that will be worthy of you.“
    “我的兒子,“國王說,“馬其頓這個地方對你來說 太小了。必須找一個更大的地方才容得下你。“
    After that, Alexander and Bucephalus were the best of friends. They were said to be always together, for when one of them was seen, the other one was sure to be not far away. But the horse would never allow any one to mount him but his master.
    從那以后,亞歷山大和比塞弗勒斯成了最好的朋 友。人們都說他倆總在一起。因為只要看到其中的一 個,另一個肯定就在不遠的地方。可是,這匹馬除了他 的主人外,從來不許任何人騎它。
    Alexander became the most famous king and warrior that were ever known. And for that reason he is always called Alexander the Great. Brucephalus carried him through many countries and in many fierce battles, and more than once did he save his master’s life.
    亞歷山大成了最著名的國王和勇士。因為這個緣 故,人們總稱他亞歷山大大帝。比塞弗勒斯曾馱著他 去過很多國家,參加過許多激烈的戰爭,而且不止一 次救過它主人的性命。