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    名人故事(音頻):喬治·布什 George Walker Bush



    2016-4-1 09:30

    名人故事(音頻):喬治·布什 George Walker Bush


    George Walker Bush

    In his father’s presidential race in 1988, Bush Jr. became his father’s aid. This was the first time the two had worked together closely as adults, and Big George came to appreciate his son’s political instincts. When George Bush won the election, his eldest son returned to Texas, a move that shocked Washington careerists. But Junior had something also in mind.
    1988年在他父親競選總統時,小布什成為父親的助 手。這是他們倆人第一次作為成年人在一起密切合作。 于是老布什逐漸欣賞兒子的政治素質^當老布什在大選 中獲勝后,他的大兒子卻返回德克薩斯,這一舉動使華 盛頓的野心家們感到很吃驚,但小布什已另有打算了。
    He was thinking hard about running for Governor of Texas. Texas is a big media state. Name identification is important. And Bush had got it. But he needed an accomplishment that belonged to his own. He didn’t want anyone to say “he is riding on Daddy’s name.“ So he bought a baseball team titled “Texas Rangers“. He gave speeches across Texas in support of the team. His down-home style was always on display. He hated to ride in limo, even someone else,s,and the Bushes lived in a modest brick house. Their only luxury was private school for their twin daughters, Barbara and Tenna. He dressed as indifferent as ever, in cheap suits and boots emblazoned with the flag of Texas. At the Rangers office, he insisted on wearing a pair of shoes with a large hole in them.
    這時他在認真考慮競選德州州長。德州是一個傳媒 大州,知名度是很重要的,而小布什擁有這一點。不過 他還需一份屬于自己的成就,他不想別人說“他是靠爸 爸的名氣“。于是他買下了名為“德克薩斯騎警隊“的 棒球隊。他到德州各處發表演說為該球隊尋求贊助。他 不斷表現出純樸的風格。他討厭坐豪華轎車,即便是別 人的也不坐。布什一家住在一所樸素的磚房里。他們惟 一奢侈的就是讓他們的雙胞胎女兒芭芭拉和坦娜在一所 私立學校就讀。小布什的穿著還像以前一樣很普通—— 廉價的西裝和印有德州旗幟的靴子。在“騎警隊“的辦 公室里,他堅持穿著一雙已有一個大洞的鞋子。
    Someone said that Bush’s political base was built on twin platforms: his Rangers celebrity and the prodigious campaigning he had done for his father throughout Texas in 1980,1984, 1988 and 1992. In 1992, after his father lost in his presidential re-election, Bush began to run for Governor of Texas. He traveled across the state, applying the lessons he’d learned from his parents: trust your instincts, be down-home, enforce discipline and walked all the way into the state house.
    有人說,小布什的政治基礎是建立在兩個跳板上 的:他的“騎警隊“的名氣和他于1980年、1984年、 1988年和1992年在德州為他父親所做的大量競選工作。 1992年在他父親第二次競選總統失敗后,小布什開始競 選德州州長。他踏遍德州,運用他從父母那里學到的: 相信你的素質、保持淳樸、加強紀律,結果走進了德州 的州政大廳。