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    名人故事(音頻):科林·鮑威爾 Colin Powell



    2016-4-1 09:38

    名人故事(音頻):科林·鮑威爾 Colin Powell


    Colin Powell

    Colin Powell has a hard time letting go of work, even when he’s forced to play and sing.
    鮑威爾平日一向是個“工作狂“,即便是放松一下 的時候,比如唱歌,也是出于工作的需要。
    Since taking office, the ever-dignified Secretary of State has learned that karaoke is a great leveler in the Asia-Pacific, where tradition requires him and other foreign ministers to individually perform a skit-and-song in front of their peers at the end of the region’s largest security meeting.
    這位一向不茍言笑的國務卿先生自上任以來已經認 識到卡拉OK在亞太地區外交中起著舉足輕重的平衡作用。這種情況下,鮑威爾和其他各國外長在亞太地區最 大的安全會議結束之時,都不得不在同僚們的面前表演 上一段。
    The skit opened with Powell chairing a meeting, looking completely at home as he took advice from staffers.
    在由鮑威爾主持的會議上,外長們的“表演“開始 了。鮑威爾聽取了他的工作人員的建議,神態自若。
    Then, the American president appeared on a huge backdrop video screen with advice for his chief diplomat. “Practice this time,“ said President Bush.
    這時,美國總統布什出現在了會堂的巨型背景屏幕 上。布什向他的這位首席外交官建議道:“這次你就大膽 去做吧。“
    Powell and staff then rose and labored with gusto through the old “South Pacific“ standard “Some Enchanted Evening“ with lyrics bent to the arcane of Southeast Asian foreign relations.
    接著,鮑威爾和其工作人員起立,滿懷熱情地緩 緩唱起了那首古老的經典南太平洋歌曲《迷人的夜晚》, 其歌詞暗指了東南亞地區微妙的外交關系。
    Loud applause followed. The diplomatic audience agreed —diplomatically, and on background 一 that Powell was “really good.“
    隨后響起了熱烈的掌聲。這些外交官聽眾承認(有 的是出于禮貌,有的是真的這樣認為)鮑威爾唱得非常 好。
    Finally, all the ministers lined up to massacre an Abba tune,"I Have a Dream.“ Early reviews were positive.
    最后,各國外長排著隊唱起了著名瑞典演唱組合 Abba的歌《我有一個夢》,演出結束后,大家的反應還不錯。
    “The Americans were hilarious, the Russians innovative. Powell singing was good,“ said Syed Hamid Albar, Malaysia’s foreign minister. “It was a good break after all this talk on terrorism."
    “美國代表的表演非常熱鬧,俄羅斯的節目非常有 創意。鮑威爾的演唱非常好,“馬來西亞外長賽義德.米 德?阿爾巴表示,“在討論恐怖主義問題后,能夠看到這 樣的表演是一種很好的休息。“