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    參考譯文 :

    Originally known as the Imperial University of Peking,Peking University was established in1898.The establishment of the University marked the beginning ofhigher education in China's modern history.In modern history of China,it was a center for progressive thought and was influential in the birth of China's New Culture Movement,the May Fourth Movement and many other significant events.Today, Peking University was placed by many domestic university rankings amongst the top universities in China.The university lays emphasis on both teaching,and scientific research.It has made great efforts to improve the undergraduate and graduate education,and maintain its role as a leading research institution.In addition,the University is especially renowned for its campus environment and the beauty of itstraditional Chinese architecture.


    1. University of Peking:北京大學

    2. the Imperial University of Peking:京師大學堂

    3. mark the beginning of:標志著……的開始或開端

    4. In modern history of China:中國近代史;“現代史“則譯為contemporary history

    5. progressive thought:進步思想

    6. China's New Culture Movement,the May Fourth Movement:中國新文化運動,五四運動

    7. lays emphasis on:強調,重視……

    8. undergraduate and graduate education:本科生和研究生教育

    9. leading research institution:領先的教育機構

    10. is renowned for:以……而聞名

    11. traditional Chinese architecture:中國傳統的建筑




    Chinese people began to make spirits with grains seven thousand years ago.Generally speaking,wine has a close connection with culture in China in both ancient and modern times.Chinese wine culture has been playing a quite important role in Chinese people's life for a long time. Our Chinese ancestors used wine to enjoy themselves while writing poetry, or to make a toast to their relatives and friends during a feast.Wine culture, as a kind of culture form, is also an inseparable part in the life of ordinary Chinese people through numerous events such as birthday party, farewell dinner, wedding, etc.


    make spirits with grains:用谷物制酒

    Generally speaking:總的來說

    has a close connection with……:與……息息相關

    Chinese wine culture:中國的酒文化

    used wine to enjoy themselves while writing poetry:寫詩時以酒助興

    make a toast:敬酒

    their relatives and friends:親朋好友

    farewell dinner:送別晚宴

    inseparable part:不可分割的部分